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Why do you need a crane? Are you constructing or renovating or building their retail spaces in which people will open their dream businesses? Are you building the roads residents drive to and from work and school? Are you developing the neighborhoods in which people will raise families and make memories? Whatever project you are on has the potential to change lives. You may never meet some of them, and they may not get the chance to thank you, but the work you are doing today will shape someone's future. 

Whatever project you have going in the Charlotte area, you may find yourself needing to rent a crane. Here are some key questions to ask before renting a crane.

The Queen City is always under construction. Home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Carolina Panthers, and Charlotte Hornets, Uptown has long attracted new residents as well as millions of tourists. However, neighborhoods like NoDa, Plaza Midwood, and South End have made lists of some of the coolest places to visit in the city. As one of the fastest-growing areas in the South, cranes have seemingly become part of the landscaping for the Charlotte area. 

For contractors researching crane rentals, there can be a lot of new terms to learn in order to determine what system is best for your project. Here is a brief glossary of rigging-related terms to help you get started with your research.

There are several cities and areas in the South that are growing rapidly. Uptown and south Charlotte, Asheville, Columbia, Greenville, the Triad, the Triangle, and Charleston are regularly included on lists of fastest-growing cities in the country. People are attracted to these areas for the mild weather, outdoor recreation opportunities, and quality of life. Moving from out west or up north often means families can upgrade their homes and properties, pay lower tax rates, and get more mileage out of their dollars. The job markets in these cities are strong, and companies are hiring for excellent careers. Each year, tens of thousands of people move to the Carolinas for new careers.

With new people and businesses moving here, for some cities, it seems like cranes are permanent fixtures in their skylines. Contractors are often booked months and years in advance. Parker Crane’s team is proud to provide the highest quality cranes, and machinery builders need to construct new apartments, offices, educational institutions, retail, and industrial buildings throughout the Carolinas. Here is a quick overview of the types of cranes you may need for your construction project:

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