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Benefits to Renting Cranes from Crane Rental Companies

Benefits to Renting Cranes from Crane Rental Companies

You know what it is like to be an expert in your field. There is a reason people trust you to be a contractor or project manager on the job site. You have had the distinct pleasure of seeing your vision become reality. People trust your experience and expertise to make the final call on a number of questions. It is ultimately up to you whether or not a project succeeds. It can feel like a lot of pressure, but you earned the right to be the one who makes the final call. 

You know how important it is to trust those who have the knowledge to ensure your project goes well. One mistake can throw off your entire construction site. Crane rigging is no exception. It is vital to make sure that whoever is operating your crane is experienced and safe. This is not the part of your project to trust to someone inexperienced or lacking the training necessary to ensure a successful project. Here are five benefits to renting cranes from a quality crane rental company. 


Five Benefits to Renting Your Crane from an Expert Crane Rental Company

1) The right crane rental company can help you assess your crane needs.

Not all cranes are the same. If you have the wrong crane on your job site, it will feel like trying to hammer a screw in a hole. To make sure you have the right one, a crane rental company will ask several questions about your project:

  • Is your project taking place in an urban or rural setting?
  • How much space do you have on your job site for a crane?
  • What is the terrain like? Is it muddy? Is the ground made of thick clay? Are you in the sandhills or mountains?
  • What are you building? Are you moving heavy drainage culverts or lifting glass windows into place?

The nature and location of your construction will help determine what kind of crane you need. 

2) The right crane rental company can determine your rigging needs.

It is not just choosing the right crane that is vital for your project, you need the right rigging. Rigging is the equipment used by the crane to lift and move materials. It includes slings, hooks, turnbuckles, wire ropes, and everything used in the lifting process. 

To get the right rigging, a crane rental company will ask you a number of questions about your project and the objects you will be lifting. 

3) The right crane rental company will know your personnel needs.

You may have a licensed crane operator within your company, but safety is paramount, so you need to make sure your people can handle the job. For those that need operating help, the right crane rental company will be able to provide the personnel you need. Some of the personnel needs we fill include:

  • CCO Operators to use the crane on your job site
  • Crane Riggers to make sure you have the rigging you need for your project
  • Signal Persons to provide a consistent measure of safety
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service and maintenance personnel
  • OSHA and MSHA Compliant operators and observers
  • Crane Erection and Dismantling Crews

If you have crane personnel needs, a crane rental company can help supply the people you need to ensure a successful project. 

4) The right crane rental company will bring experience and expertise to your project.

You likely have a lot of experience in building and contracting. However, one of your jobs is knowing when to trust part of your project to other experts. You may bring in professional plumbers and licensed electricians for their expertise. The same can be true of your crane operations. Renting from a crane rental company means you should get a high level of knowledge combined with significant experience. Parker's Crane Service has a number of licenses and qualifications, including:

  • NCCCO Certified Operators
  • Certified/Qualified Riggers and Signal Persons
  • OSHA and MSHA Qualified Personnel
  • DOA HUB Certified
  • NC SBE Certified
  • SC&RA Member

It is impossible to overstate the importance of experience and expertise when it comes to crane operation.

5) The right crane rental company will emphasize safety.

Lifting heavy materials and moving them on your job site has as much potential danger as anything on your job site. If you have the right crane, crane rigging, and personnel in place, you can and should expect a high level of safety. Accidents are not inevitable. Parker's Crane Service has taken a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to improper crane operation. 

Trust Your Crane Rental to Parker's Crane Service

Parker's Crane Service has the experience and expertise to make sure your crane rental helps you safely complete your project. If you need to lift and move heavy equipment on your job site, you want the best crane rental company. In our forty years of experience, we have seen it all. Contact Parker's Crane Service for more information about crane rental in or around Charlotte, NC. 

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