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Choosing the Right Crane Rental Company for Installing Structural Steel

Choosing the Right Crane Rental Company for Installing Structural Steel

When you are constructing a building, you are creating something that will be special to many people. 

You might be building homes in which individuals and families will fill with memories, hospitals in which medical professionals will save lives, schools in which generations will prepare for their futures, or commercial spaces where many will embark on challenging careers and provide vital services to their communities. 

In many ways, general contractors are essentially giving life to previously inanimate objects. Consider the construction of a new high-rise in Charlotte, NC. 

Builders will begin with extensive planning; then, they will lay a solid foundation, construct the building’s frame, fill in that frame with infrastructure, then add decorative elements and vital amenities. 

What was once a construction zone, upon completion, begins teeming with life and becomes part of the city’s skyline.


If that high-rise was like a person, the frame would be like its skeleton. If the skeleton of the building is not in good condition, the entire structure is at risk. Structural steel has long been one of the key building materials of choice for the construction of high-quality structures. 

It can be quite heavy and often requires cranes for installation. In this article, we are discussing what you need to know about choosing the right crane rental company for structural steel installation.

Defining Structural Steel

Structural steel is a type of steel that is used to create a wide range of construction materials. Many structural steel forms are in the shape of an extended beam with a specified cross-section profile. 

In most developed countries, structural steel shapes, sizes, chemical composition, mechanical attributes such as strengths, storage procedures, and so on are regulated by government standards.

Providing additional insight on how structural steel is regulated, Leeco Steel writes:

“Structural steel is a regulated category of steel that must meet industry standards for composition and dimensional tolerances. In the United States, ASTM International specifies and regulates steel grades. Similarly, Canada and Europe have their own regulating bodies and standards.”

Advantages of Structural Steel

There are plenty of reasons to use structural steel for your project:

  • Structural steel is typically a cost-effective construction material. 
  • While preliminary site preparation and foundation work are being completed on a job site, structural steel is manufactured off-site. When it's time, structural steel can be transported to the site and then installed by a crane. This can help you meet timelines.
  • It is relatively simple to adapt structural steel to meet local and federal building regulations. 
  • Structural steel is typically produced to precise tolerances and consistent strength levels, which, when combined with a detailed design approach, makes design relatively simple. 
  • Most steel manufacturers use an average of 90% recycled material to produce steel. The recovery rate of structural steel is approximately 98%. That makes steel among the greenest building materials. 

Structural steel is utilized to build many types of vital structures.

Buildings Made Using Structural Steel

  • Commercial: New businesses are moving to the Carolinas from downtown Raleigh to Uptown Charlotte, as well as every community in the region. Commercial buildings often utilize structural steel.
  • Residential:   Apartments and condominiums are among the most popular new structures being built in our area. They are vital for the hundreds of thousands of new residents moving to the Carolinas every year.
  • Medical Care Facilities: The Carolinas are famed for their cutting-edge medical care. Structural steel is often used in the construction of life-saving hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Stadiums: The addition of the Charlotte FC MLS club means the Carolinas now feature four professional sports teams and a slew of top-tier collegiate athletic programs.  Structural steel is required for new stadiums and sports facilities to be able to hold thousands of people.
  • Retail and Beyond: Structural steel is used in a wide range of construction projects that include shopping centers, malls, and mixed-use facilities that house small businesses. 

Why it Is Vital to Choose the Right Crane Rental Company

Many people’s lives and livelihoods are intricately connected to buildings constructed using structural steel. They expect high-quality building materials and to have confidence that the building will be safe. 

When it comes to installing structural steel, you know how important it is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project. That means you need a crane rental company you can trust. 

Parker’s Crane Service has decades of experience lifting, moving, and helping install structural steel in a variety of projects throughout the Carolinas and beyond. We have an impeccable safety record and can supply vital personnel to ensure your project is as safe and efficient as possible.

 If you need a crane rental for installing structural steel, contact the team at Parker’s Crane Service today.