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Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Crane

Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Crane

Cranes are a big deal. We mean that quite literally. 

They are some of the largest and heaviest pieces of construction machinery and are used to lift and move the biggest and weightiest materials on your site. If you need a crane for your site, you need to make sure you are renting the right equipment from the right company. 

Here are five key factors to consider when choosing your crane rental company.


Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Crane Company

Before you sign on the dotted line for your crane rental, here is what you need to find out from a potential company. 

1) You Need to Consider What Kind of Crane You Need

The type of crane you need will depend on a number of factors:

  • Terrain: In the Carolinas, our terrain varies significantly from thick clay to muddy topsoil to granite and bedrock. The type and condition of the land where your project is located will be a factor in the type of crane you need to rent. 
  • Location: Are you moving objects within a wide-open construction site, or are you navigating narrow streets in a small town? The neighborhood in which your crane will be operating will be a factor in the type of crane you rent. 
  • Project: Are you working on a tall high-rise or road construction? The answer will help determine what type of crane you need to rent. 

2) You Need to Consider the Size and Type of Load You're Moving

The size and type of material matter considerably. A drainage culvert is close in weight to a piece of construction equipment but behaves very differently when hoisted on a crane. You want to be able to communicate your needs to a potential crane rental company. If possible, prepare to share:

The more information you can provide, the better the crane rental company will be able to determine your needs. 

3) You Need to Consider the Crane Company's Safety Record

Safety is of the highest importance on your job site. You should expect it to be the top priority of any crane rental company you might choose. Cranes are lifting incredibly heavy objects high in the air and transferring them across job sites. There is no margin for error. Your crane rental company should have an impeccable safety record. 

4) You Need to Consider What Will Be Included with Your Crane Rental

Not all crane rentals companies are created equally. You will need to find out what all can be included in your rental:

  • Does your crane rental come with a job site assessment?
  • Does your crane rental come with a quality, well-maintained crane?
  • Does your crane rental come with a team of certified personnel?
  • Does your crane rental come with licensed operators?

If the answer to these questions is "no," you will probably need to look for alternatives. 

5) You Need to Consider the Crane Rental Company's Experience

This should not be your crane rental company's first rodeo. You want a crane rental company that has seen it all and knows what to expect in your area. 

How Parker's Crane Answers These Considerations:

  1. Equipment: Parker’s Crane Service has excellent cranes. At Parker Crane, we have two of the Grove TMS700E models. They bring max performance to your job site. It is equipped with a four-section full-power MEGAFORM boom designed for maximum vertical and lateral strength.
  2. Needs: With the information you provide, we can help determine exactly what you need to have a successful crane rental. 
  3. Safety: We are proud to have an impeccable record when it comes to safety. We have a zero-tolerance policy for mistakes. Our team understands that there is no margin for error. 
  4. Included: We provide comprehensive services such as human resources, risk management, full maintenance options, insurance and safety programs, and cheap pricing when you rent a crane from us.
  5. Experience: With over 40 years in the industry, we’ve established a loyal customer base and are eager to serve new customers as well. We have seen everything in our time. We know what it means to provide quality crane rental experiences in the Carolinas. 

If you are ready to talk more about your crane rental, Parker's Crane is here to answer your questions and set you up with the crane you need. Contact us for more information about how you can have an experienced team of crane experts for your project.