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For Better or Worse - Future Construction Trends

For Better or Worse - Future Construction Trends

To say the Carolinas are growing is an understatement. Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Columbia, Wilmington, Greenville, the Triad, and essentially every urban region in our area has had some of the highest influxes of new residents and businesses for decades. The Queen City has recently cracked the top ten in overall population. 

That kind of rapid growth is exactly why it seems like metropolitan areas in North and South Carolina are perpetually under construction. It’s not just the largest cities that are welcoming new people and companies, especially since the pandemic began. Asheville, Boone, Spartanburg, Greenville (North & South Carolina), Rocky Mount, and other small and medium-sized cities are growing as well.

With the growth showing no signs of slowing down, you can expect to continue to see construction throughout our region. Here are some of the construction trends, for better or worse, we can expect to see in the future. 


Five Construction Trends for the Future

1) Modular Construction

The sounds of clanging construction are the last thing someone paying a premium to live in a downtown apartment or condo wants to hear. Minimizing the noise and disruption of an urban construction project is one of the advantages of performing a project off-site. 

Over three-quarters of many projects can be built away from their final location. Not only does that cut down on the inconvenience of a big, downtown, or urban construction zone, modular techniques improve the speed and efficiency of a project. 

If you have a modular construction project that will require a crane to put the pieces together, make sure you utilize a crane rental company you can trust

2) Supply Chain Issues

While we would like to blame the pandemic for supply chain challenges, it is, unfortunately, not that simple. That means that the issues will not be going away as soon as we would hope. Therefore, contractors will continue to deal with the difficulty of setting fair and competitive prices and planning accurate deadlines, even while getting materials is still something of a guessing game. 

3) Drones Used for Construction

Drones are used to quickly map big areas over great distances, resulting in valuable aerial heat maps and thermal photos. 

Drone software is evolving to deliver real-time, actionable data that can be utilized to make quick decisions, greatly expediting the construction process. The growth in drone usage has been rapid and seems is going to continue. 

4) Labor Shortages 

Unfortunately, labor shortages are not necessarily a result of the pandemic. The entire job market has been shaken by the rise of working remotely. This is a trend that may continue, with no clear ending in sight. 

5) The Use of Technology

New technologies are transforming the way construction projects are planned and done, including augmented and virtual reality, drones, 3-D printing, automation, and so much more. Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly being utilized to allow clients to experience a new construction project before it is created, potentially increasing investment in new construction projects.

For general contractors, embracing technology for the construction process and customer service will be necessary to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. 

6) Emphasis on Sustainability and Efficiency 

A trend that will only continue to grow is the desire to build sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. Some of the sustainable and efficient features for which clients will ask:

  • Rooftop and terrace garden spaces. 
  • High R-value insulation in walls and roofing. 
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems. 
  • IoT Integrated Automated Building Systems
  • High R-value insulation, windows, and doors
  • Passive solar power
  • LEED-certified practices and techniques

The trend toward greener, sustainable, and efficient building practices is not going away. General contractors must embrace these techniques to serve clients now and into the future.

7) The Need for Customer Service

While customer service has always been vital in every industry, in an increasingly crowded marketplace, the need to excel in the value you bring your clients is only going to grow. Providing an exceptional experience from the initial contact through final delivery is key to securing future projects. 

The Need for Cranes Remains

While some trends come and go, the need for quality cranes and crane operators will be needed as long as heavy equipment and materials need to be lifted and relocated. Safety must be paramount when it comes to crane usage. 

That means you need a company with experience, expertise, and an impeccable safety record. 

Parker’s Crane Service has been supplying cranes for Carolina construction projects for many decades. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to safety. Furthermore, we strive to provide the highest quality customer service. We can supply crane operators, flaggers, and other OSHA-certified personnel to make sure your project goes smoothly. 

If you are moving and lifting heavy materials in the Carolinas, Georgia, or near the Charlotte area, contact Parker’s Crane Service for more information about our high-quality crane rentals.