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What Affects the Price of Crane Rental?

What Affects the Price of Crane Rental?

Ensuring a project stays on time, under budget, and safe is an expansive undertaking, whether for construction, civil infrastructure, or other general jobs. General contractors are responsible for managing all these aspects and scheduling the right people to work at the right time. That takes developing a reasonable amount of knowledge about various skills and disciplines.


What Affects the Price of Crane Rental?

Crane operation and rental is one area of knowledge that can feel lacking, as they are not required on all job sites. When it comes to the cost of crane rentals, you need to be careful to research before you settle on a company from which to rent. There is a balance between cost and value, and many considerations are taken into rental expenses. 

The four most significant factors that will affect the price of your crane rental are:

  • Length of the rental period
  • Type and size of crane needed for the job
  • Crane personnel for operation
  • Job site location and hazards

It is essential for general contractors and project managers who need crane rental services to understand how these factors will affect bids on your project. Every job's worksite and requirements are different. 

Let’s look at these four factors and a few additional considerations when comparing crane rental service bids, to help give you a better idea of what you can expect from a crane rental.

1. Duration of Your Crane Rental

The most significant factor in determining how much a crane rental will cost is figuring out how long you will need the rental on site. While you can rent by the day, week, or month, expect to budget about $2,000 per day, on average. The exact price will vary depending on the type of crane and other conditions, but this should be your baseline.

For some jobs, you may not need a crane every day. Discuss the benefits of shorter rental periods versus having one on-site for a longer duration. 

Many companies offer better rates for long rentals, and having the crane on-site and ready when needed can save time and keep you on schedule. But you have crew and maintenance costs to factor in daily for extended rentals.

It is essential to have a plan to maximize crane usage on-site. That plan will also help you determine the best type of crane for your project. And be prepared to incorporate some leeway for inclement weather. Bad weather can occur year-round, so know how your rental company handles it if it can’t operate for a day or two during your rental period.

2. Type of Crane Needed for the Job

Every project has different lifting requirements, and there are just as many types of cranes to meet those demands. As obvious as it may seem, the heavier and larger the size of materials that you need to move, the larger the crane you will need, and the higher the costs will be. Having detailed information regarding your project is critical to getting the machine you need and an accurate price.

Provide the following information on your planned lifts to crane rental companies:

  • Type of material(s) being moved
  • Expected weight of those materials
  • Height requirements for your project

Many construction projects can be safely completed with a smaller mobile crane. Your crane rental company should help you determine which crane is best for your job. 

Remember, you don’t want to test the upper limits of any machine. Inclement weather and other site hazards may lower the capacity and leave you with a machine that can’t handle your requirements.

3. Certified Personnel

When it comes to cranes, it is just as essential to have the right people operating the machinery as it is to have the right crane for the job. Cranes remain the most costly and deadly hazards on any construction site. If you are looking at renting a crane, you likely do not have qualified personnel on your crew to operate the machine.

Crane safety is an essential part of renting. You want to ensure your rental company can provide qualified operators, riggers, and signal persons for your job. 

It may be tempting to avoid additional personnel costs, but on-site experts are worth the price.  They will help you move your materials more efficiently, potentially reducing the time of the overall rental.

4. Job Site Location and Hazards

The terrain on which a crane will operate can vary drastically from one area to another. Your job site may be in a tight urban area, on sandhills, or a precarious mountain pass. 

Depending on your work site's conditions and hazards, additional steps may need to be taken to prepare. When looking for a rental company, be sure to provide them with a fundamental analysis of your job site, including:

  • Area available for crane set-up
  • Ground conditions
  • Overhead conditions like power lines or trees

The type of terrain isn’t the only factor in the cost of the crane rental for location. The delivery of the crane and associated vehicles will likely rise for remote or difficult-to-find places.

5. Additional Factors

While the four factors above will play the most significant role in your crane rental costs, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. Some local ordinances require permitting to use cranes and have additional standards to keep in mind.

And utilities have a need to be uninterrupted. If you intend to have a crane on-site for an extended period, you will need to work around them. For short rentals, it may be safer and more cost-efficient to have them temporarily disconnected for a day while performing the bulk of your needed lifts.

Crane Rental in the Carolinas

No matter the job, using the right tool makes all the difference. Ensure you select a crane that fits your job site requirements for the safest and most effortless experience.

Serving the Carolinas for over 40 years, Parker's Crane is equipped with well-maintained, meticulously selected equipment that fits the job perfectly.  We provide the cranes and quality OSHA-certified personnel and have a great deal of experience in safely operating this specialty equipment.

If you are ready to learn more about crane rental costs in the Carolinas, contact the team at Parker’s Crane Service today.