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Just Who Is Parker's Crane?

Just Who Is Parker's Crane?

We have always been committed to providing the best customer service possible for our clients. We are proud to have launched our new website to continue to improve the way we serve you, so you can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our new website, we want to reintroduce you to Parker's Crane. 

Who Is Parker's Crane?

Founded almost sixty years ago as a grading and demolition company, Parker's Crane has been family-owned and operated since its founding. In the mid-1970s, founder Lewis Parker's Sr. added crane rental to the services the company offered. His son Charlie was always fascinated by machinery, leading him and his younger brother Tim to assume ownership of Parker's Crane in 1984. The transition to primarily crane rental was patient, but over time the family’s knowledge and expertise in heavy equipment eclipsed demolition and grading as their focus. 

Parker's Crane is at its core a family business. We treat our customers as part of the family, striving to provide the quality service that will make you want to keep coming back. We know you have a big job to do and are here to help you get it done. 

What Crane, Rigging, and Heavy Hauling Services Does Parker's Crane Offer?

Here is a quick overview of what we do:

Heavy Hauling: Builders across the Carolinas need to haul large loads from one site to another. We provide the transportation machinery you need to move your heaviest equipment, including:

  • Tandem and Tri-Axle Trucks / Road Tractors
  • Flatbeds
  • Stepdecks (with or without ramps)
  • Landoll Tilt Trailers
  • Extendable Double Drops (RGNs)
  • Extendable Flatbeds and Stepdecks
  • Lowboys (Modular Configuration/ Multiple Axle Configurations)
  • Beam Lowboy
  • Dry Vans
  • 12-ton Gooseneck (For Light Hauling)

Rigging: Sometimes, you just need to get your machinery, equipment, and materials from one part of your construction site to the other. We have the rigging you need to move your heavy items. We have forklifts that can handle loads over 15,000 lbs, Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Machinery Dollies, and also offer indoor and outdoor equipment storage. 

Cranes: We offer a variety of cranes to meet your specific needs. Types of cranes we have available including:

  • Tower Cranes: Are you doing construction in Uptown Charlotte, downtown Winston-Salem, or an urban area where space is premium? We are available to support you and your tower crane erection and dismantling. We can provide you with the crews, and CCO Operators, riggers, and signal persons. 
  • Mobile Cranes: Do you have a project that involves moving heavy options across larger sites that require crane mobility? Whether you need maximum capacity and mobility, or your project needs a unit that is lightweight and flexible, Parker's Crane has options to suit your situation.

Who Needs Parker's Crane?

Throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, cities and regions are growing. Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, Columbia, and Greenville are frequently on lists of the country’s fastest-growing cities. Cranes have become as prominent in city skylines as office buildings and apartments. We serve a variety of clients, including:

  • Companies constructing some of the buildings and towers that will make their marks on city skylines
  • Companies building the roads and transportation systems that help residents of our region get around
  • Companies who are moving heavy equipment around their campuses as they build, expand, and serve their own clients
  • Companies that build homes and apartments for the thousands of new residents moving into the Carolinas each year
  • Companies that provide essential resources for people across a variety of industries
  • Companies that have important construction projects and want to make sure they get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely

Although we continue to be a family-owned and operated company, you can find Parker's Crane equipment in locations across the Carolinas. Whether you are building apartments in Uptown Charlotte, offices in Asheville, relocating manufacturing equipment in Columbia, or adding to the downtown skyline of Winston-Salem, Parker's Cranes has the machinery mover you need for your project. 

Are you taking on one of the many significant construction projects in the Carolinas? Whether you have a crane needs for a residential or commercial build, heavy hauling needs for large equipment, or rigging for machinery moving needs, the team at Parker's Crane has you covered. Contact us for more information and an onsite estimate. We help you get the job done.