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Why Renting a Crane Is Smarter Than Buying

Why Renting a Crane Is Smarter Than Buying

There is a lot to do when preparing for a construction project. You have to draw up the plans, make sure they are approved and permitted by municipalities, and put the right people in place to execute each aspect of the design and development of the building, road, or green space. 

At some point, you may find there are materials far too heavy to be moved by the machinery you have available. At that point, you know you're going to need to buy or rent a crane.


Why Renting a Crane Is Smarter Than Buying

For the most expensive and technical equipment that is only situationally useful, it is often better to rent or subcontract the work to a specialized professional than to buy your own and expect a standard crew to know how it works. Industrial cranes are no exception if you are a builder who only occasionally needs heavy lifting capabilities.

Cranes are complicated, highly technical pieces of construction machinery that require proper maintenance, site preparation, and training to operate safely. There is a serious risk of crushing injury or property damage if loads are improperly secured or the crane is controlled incorrectly.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the ways renting is smarter than buying when it comes to cranes and construction, no matter the project size.

1. Professional Help Planning

Every project using a crane needs site plans to help determine site preparation needs, potential hazards, and constraints. If you have a tight operating space, this will directly affect your lift plans and likely increase the level of experience you need from personnel. Crane operation has the potential to damage structures or harm workers if site hazards are not adequately planned for.

After you determine those site plans, detailed lift plans need to be created for any lift you expect to need on-site. You need to know how much material you will need to lift, how far, how high, and around what hazards.

Having a full-service crane rental company on your team can make this vital step much smoother than trying to navigate it on your own. They know their cranes and personnel well and can give accurate and detailed assessments at every stage of the project.

2. Get the Correct Crane

Cranes are expensive pieces of machinery, not only to purchase, but to transport and maintain, and not every crane will work for every job. Crane rental companies have a variety of models for clients to choose from, so you end up with the correct crane for the site and lifts you need to perform.

3. Provided Experienced Operators

If you purchase a crane, you will then need to train and license members of your crew to operate it safely and effectively. You can’t afford to allow someone to operate it until they have the proper credentials. 

Even then, you will want to let them begin with smaller projects before they are lifting potentially dangerous equipment and materials. There is no substitute for expertise. 

A full-service crane rental company can help ensure you have the knowledge you need to move heavy equipment and materials from day one safely.

4. Maintenance Is Handled

If you purchase a crane, you will need to store it and maintain it. A crane is a complicated piece of machinery with many intricately connected parts. Failure to properly maintain it will lead to significant issues down the road and can result in catastrophic failures on the job site. 

Renting from the right professional crane company means you don’t have to worry about whether a crane has been properly and meticulously maintained.

5. Safety and Efficiency Increased

There is nothing more important on your job site than safety. When it comes to crane operation, there’s a lot that can go wrong when operators and crew members are not adequately trained in safety protocols or if site safety and maintenance are lacking. 

When you rent, not only do you not have to worry about personnel training or machine maintenance, it being handled by professionals means crane installation and lifts are performed safer and more efficiently. This helps you avoid additional delays from injuries, site damage, or poorly planned lifts.

6. Cost Savings

There are a lot of items that factor into the cost of a crane rental. But the fact that remains is that for the vast majority of contractors and construction companies, renting is more economical than buying one of your own. With the extra help of experienced planners and operators, you reduce the risk of costly delays and are better protected from liability from injury or damage if accidents do occur.

Even for rentals over long periods of time, the overhead of not having to worry about the upfront purchase cost, personnel training, and maintenance puts renting better for your bottom line.

Crane Rental in the Carolinas

General contractors and project managers are always looking for the best local experts for their projects. When it comes to crane operation, the right full-service crane rental company will expand your team of experts and help you better serve your clients.

If you have never rented a crane before or are looking for a new rental company to partner with, Parker's Crane provides quality crane rental, rigging, and heavy hauling services throughout the Carolinas and the East Coast. We pride ourselves on safety and our Zero Accident Philosophy when performing a job to ensure that no project carries unnecessary risk.

Even with a simple job, the right tool makes an enormous difference. Similarly, the right equipment, backed with experience and support, can make your job worlds easier (and safer).

With a fleet of well-maintained hydraulic truck cranes, we offer not only the best equipment but can also help with site installation, maintenance, and operation. Our crew is OSHA and MSHA-compliant to ensure your site and crew safety.

Contact us if you would like to discuss your needs and whether or not our services and equipment will work for your construction project. We provide free on-site quotes and evaluations.