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Cranes have been in use on construction sites for millennia and have been instrumental in building our modern world and infrastructure. Being a contractor or construction project manager is all about planning effectively. You have to plan every aspect of your project, from start to finish and beyond. Regardless of the size of the project, the details matter. 

If a crane is expected on a job site, everyone involved from the operators, supervisors, and planners, needs to know the chosen equipment capabilities and limits. 

For contractors, you have to answer a host of questions for each job site. You have to figure out the timeline for how quickly you can complete construction, how many people to hire to perform the jobs that need to be done, and what kinds of materials and equipment your crew will require. 

Very few maintenance and construction jobs lack the requirement for personnel and materials to access out-of-reach areas safely. From home construction and power poll repairs to cell phone tower maintenance, workers, tools, and other supplies need to be lifted safely for work to occur. 

Whether it is a construction project in tight downtown streets, in between busy highways, or that has bustling public areas nearby, getting work done in congested areas always comes with its own unique set of challenges.