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The operator is probably the first and most obvious of the personnel you’ll see around cranes. Their primary job is to drive or operate the crane during lifts safely. But that is not all the responsibilities they have on the job site.

Technology is an inescapable and ever-evolving service industry. Such constant change can often leave behind outdated infrastructure in the landscape surrounding us. With the advent of 5G cell service and whatever comes next over the horizon, many established telecommunication towers or other installations will need to be constructed, refurbished, or wholly dismantled.

Keeping up with commercial and residential services is no small feat. Technology and civil infrastructure need to outpace the telecom demands placed upon them. Since not all existing towers are up to the current task of handling technology-driven or population-growth infrastructure improvements, you might find yourself with a telecommunications project on your slate. 

Organizing and managing construction is a complex job. It is a delicate balance getting the right materials, workers, and machines on-site at the right time. 

Ensuring a project stays on time, under budget, and safe is an expansive undertaking, whether for construction, civil infrastructure, or other general jobs. General contractors and other site managers are responsible for managing all these aspects.

Part of that work is managing required paperwork like contracts, permits, and certifications. Whether you are new to the profession or are an experienced construction manager or general contractor, you have likely heard of a Stop Work Order.

No matter where you live, numerous building projects are likely happening at any given time, from high-rise buildings to roads and shopping centers throughout suburbs and satellite towns. Many jobs require the lifting and moving of heavy products and equipment. 

When you are in charge of a construction project, you must become knowledgeable in everything. Whether it is lifting pieces many stories higher or moving multi-ton items from one part of the job site to another, you may need to rent crane equipment. And you will need to become well-versed in cranes and riggings.