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parker crane riggingDo you feel like things aren’t like they used to be? If you are in the Carolinas, chances are you live in a city or region that looks nothing like it did back in the day. Parker’s Crane Service is based in Concord, a town that has witnessed substantial change in the past few decades. 

As Charlotte has welcomed hundreds of thousands of new people to the area, Concord has been one of the primary towns in which they have relocated. 

We provide crane rental services all over the Carolinas. From Winston-Salem and the Triad to Asheville, Raleigh-Durham to Charleston, and Wilmington to Columbia, no city or region has been untouched by the rapid growth of our two great states. 

The global pandemic did nothing to deter people from relocating here, as the housing market has exploded with demand for homes from people whose careers do not bind them to a single location. This only proves how desirable it is to relocate to the Carolinas. 

With so many people relocating to our area, many companies have also chosen to call our beautiful area home. From start-ups to Fortune-50 corporations and everything in-between, the Carolinas are home to a thriving economy. 

Whether it’s accommodating the tens of thousands of new residents moving to the region, corporations relocating to the area, or the medical and retail services on which people rely, contractors are building some significant buildings. 

Some of those buildings will require moving and placing structural steel. In order to install structural steel, you need a crane and crane rental company you can trust. 

For safe, expert structural steel installation in the Carolinas, Parker’s Crane Service is your trusted crane rental company.

Crane Rentals for Installing Structural Steel in the Carolinas

Installing structural steel is like building the skeleton for a building. The people inside will be counting on your team to develop the structure with the utmost attention to detail. 

Types of projects that may require a crane to install structural steel include:

  • Commercial: From downtown Raleigh to Uptown Charlotte, as well as every city in the Carolinas, new businesses are moving to the area. They need well-built commercial buildings. 
  • Residential: There are more residents moving to the Carolinas than there are single-family houses. Apartments and condominiums are becoming some of the most popular new buildings being constructed in our area. 
  • Medical Facilities: The Carolinas are known for state-of-the-art medical care. You might be installing structural steel in a life-saving hospital. 
  • Stadiums: With the addition of Charlotte FC, the Carolinas now have four professional sports teams and a host of premium college athletic programs. New stadiums and sports facilities need structural steel to be sturdy enough to host thousands of spectators. 
  • Retail and Beyond: There is no shortage of building projects that require structural steel. 

Parker’s Crane Service - Structural Steel Installation in the Carolinas 

Parker's Crane provides quality Crane Rental, Rigging, and Heavy Hauling services throughout the Carolinas and the East Coast. Parker's Crane employees take pride in serving their loyal customers and look forward to the opportunity to serve new customers. When it comes to structural steel installation, you need the best crane rental team in the area. We would love to be part of your project. Contact us for more information about our crane rentals for structural steel installation.