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There is a lot of history in the Carolinas. Some of the first European settlers called cities like Charleston and Wilmington home back as far as the 17th and 18th centuries. Our people have accomplished a lot since then, including: 

  • Playing pivotal roles in the important events that shaped our young nation. 
  • The Wright Brothers were the first in-flight as they perfected early aviation. 
  • Founding some of the premier educational institutions in the South, including but by no means limited to UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, The University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and many more. 
  • Building the racetracks that become the original sites of NASCAR, a billion-dollar sport. Mooresville is still a hub for numerous auto racing shops. 
  • Producing some of the best athletes in several professional sports. 
  • Leading the way in technological innovations. 
  • The establishment of two international airports: Raleigh-Durham International and Charlotte-Douglas International. 

With the establishment of the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina has become home to tens of thousands of careers in technology. Charlotte serves as a hub for many finance companies. Most metropolitical areas in both states are growing rapidly. Cranes have become as common in city skylines as the buildings themselves. If you are in search of a crane contractor in North Carolina or South Carolina, Parker Crane is here for you. 

Crane Contractors in the Carolinas | Parker Crane Services

If you are building high rises in urban areas, cranes are an essential component for moving heavy equipment and machinery. Depending on the specific project, you will need either a tower crane or a mobile crane.

Tower Cranes: Tower cranes are the type of static units you expect to see on large, high-rise construction sites. Typically, these machines will be constructed by a mobile crane on the site of an urban project where space can be tight. 

Mobile Cranes: Per the title, these cranes can be moved on a site or between projects. Mobile cranes consist of booms mounted on trucks or tracks. In the diverse terrain of the Carolinas, these units can handle tough conditions to help you get the job done. 

Builders are searching for crane contractors they can trust. Parker Crane has developed an immeasurable level of experience (since the 1970s) in supplying cranes to the Carolinas. We are committed to only using the highest quality products, providing the best customer service, and upholding the utmost standards of safety. For crane contractors in Charlotte, the Triad, Columbia, and throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, contact Parker Crane today