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Crane for Cell Tower Installation & RemovalTechnology is an inescapable and ever-evolving service industry. Such constant change can often leave behind outdated infrastructure in our landscape. With the advent of 5G cell service and whatever comes next over the horizon, many established telecommunication towers or other installations will need to be constructed, refurbished, or wholly dismantled.

The ‘Peach Capital of South Carolina,’ Gaffney is located along Interstate 85, conveniently between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Spartanburg, South Carolina. And while those cities may overshadow its population, it is home to several education and healthcare institutions. And with convenient access to larger metro areas, it is an area primed for business growth.

Keeping up with commercial and residential services is no small feat. Technology and civil infrastructure need to outpace the telecom demands placed upon them. 

Crane for Cell Tower Installation & Removal Gaffney, SC

With the potential of working amongst historic buildings in downtown Gaffney or new industrial facilities, you have an increased difficulty and need for an experienced crane operating crew. For either complete deconstructions, retrofitting, installation, or regular maintenance, you want skilled hands moving delicate lifts around existing structures and site personnel with a reliable safety record.

You need to get tools and personnel up where they need to work, no matter the job. And maneuvering to cell phone towers or rooftop sites is challenging. These tall structures are often found around high-voltage power lines, making disassembly and maintenance tricky. Smaller cell towers might only reach 50ft. But larger installations and rooftop cell sites can push upwards of 200ft.

Parker’s Crane Service

If you need a telecommunications crane rental service in Gaffney, SC, or throughout Cherokee County, look no further than Parker’s Crane. With over 40 years in the industry, we are the first choice for industrial, commercial, and residential telecommunications projects. 

Our Services

We have a fleet of hydraulic cranes available for rental with reach capabilities up to nearly 320ft, enough to tackle cell tower installation and removal projects of any size. Utilizing the skills of a professional crane rental service comes with a host of benefits, from helping determine site plans, crane, and rigging needs and supplying OSHA-certified operators and personnel. 

Trusting the lifting of an expert can make any project safer and more efficient.  If you face a complex telecommunications project in Gaffney, we have a Zero Accident Philosophy worked into the core of our business that can give you the peace of mind that lifts will be completed error-free. 

We will work with you on the project from pre-planning on-site assessments through the project's conclusion. We provide the following benefits and services to our customers.

  • Site hazard analysis and daily risk assessments
  • A well-maintained fleet with transportation to the site
  • All of our operators, riggers, and signal persons are OSHA-qualified personnel
  • 24/7 Emergency service

Whether you only need us for a few hours or a month, contact us today to discuss your telecommunications project; we provide free on-site quotes.