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parker crane cranesThere are a number of projects for which you might need a crane in the Carolinas. Our area is perpetually under construction. From office buildings and apartments to houses and highways, we move a lot of heavy equipment and machinery in the Charlotte area and beyond. It is vital for contractors to find the best crane rental services for whatever they are building or moving. When it comes to cranes and crane operators for moving modular buildings, Parker's Crane has you covered. Here is what you need to know about cranes for modular buildings in central and western North and South Carolina.

Cranes for Modular Buildings in North and South Carolina

Here is what you should look for in crane rentals for modular buildings:

1) Precision

When putting together modular buildings, precision and planning are key. Every part of the process matters. From the placement of the cranes to the weight of the building's components, you need a crane company committed to being precise 

2) Experience

Experience is vital when it comes to placing modular structures. Parker's Crane has been renting and operating cranes for four decades. There are few situations and scenarios we have not faced. Chances are, we have seen a job site just like yours. Regardless, we have the priceless experience needed to safely lift and move your modular structures.

3) Safety

The Parker's Crane staff has one main goal: to complete your project as safely and efficiently as possible. That means we have adopted a zero-accident policy. You can count on Parker's Crane to put safety above all. Our safety steps include:

  • Pre-lift job assessments: We will not show up and just start lifting. We are going to thoroughly assess your site and develop a plan.
  • Daily risk assessment: You are going to get to know the Parker's Crane crew as we perform daily risk assessments.
  • On-site hazard analyses: We will take inventory of potential site hazards before and throughout the process. 
  • Routine management audits: As long as we are on your site, we will continue to audit risk management and promote the utmost safety.

4) Reputation

You want to trust your modular building lifting and placement to a crane company that has the highest reputation. We have developed a lot of great friends in construction throughout the Carolinas. We are grateful for companies and builders who can vouch for our experience, safety record, and expertise. If you would like to know more about our track record in the Carolinas, we would be happy to share more. 

If you are searching for a crane rental for your modular building, look no further than Parker's Crane. For forty years, we have been renting the highest quality cranes for the Charlotte area and throughout central and western North Carolina. We have an impeccable safety record, giving you the confidence you need for your modular building. Whether you are putting a temporary office in place or putting together a permanent modular structure, you can trust the team at Parker's Crane. Contact us for more information about our crane rentals for modular buildings.