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There are few places in the country growing as rapidly as the Carolinas. In 2019, it is estimated that North Carolina crossed ten million residents for the first time in its history, while South Carolina eclipsed five million people. Neither state has experienced a decade where the population did not grow. The Old North State has nearly doubled in size since 1980. Someone looking into the statistics from the outside might wonder what it is about our region that attracts so many new residents. However, if you are from here or moved here recently, you know exactly why the growth shows no signs of slowing down. 

  • Raleigh, Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville, the Triad, Triangle, Columbia, Charleston, and Wilmington are all growing cities with vibrant cultures. 
  • Uptown Charlotte has two professional sports teams playing at a high level in their respective leagues: the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers. 
  • Greenville in the foothills and Asheville in the mountains are smaller cities with incredible access to outdoor recreation. There are thousands of miles of hiking trails in the mountains of North and South Carolina. 
  • Raleigh is an international city with a professional hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes, and a burgeoning job market. 
  • Winston-Salem and the Triad region continues to attract millennials and new residents who enjoy urban life but want a slightly slower pace than Charlotte and the Triangle. 
  • We have built hundreds of small towns and tightly knit communities. 

It is no wonder so much of the Carolinas are under construction at any given moment. Cranes are almost a permanent fixture in cities throughout both states. If you have a construction project, Parker's Crane has you covered. 

Crane Rental Near Me in North and South Carolina

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A family-owned and operated company since our founding, Parker's Crane has been providing quality crane products to builders in the Carolinas for nearly fifty years. We have been supplying crane rentals to clients near Charlotte, Asheville, Columbia, and the Triad for almost fifty years. If you want the highest quality cranes in the Carolinas, contact Parker's Crane today