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South Carolina is as rich in history as any state in the country. Carolina officially became a province in the mid 16th century. Carolina separated into North and South Carolina during the 17 century, both states playing pivotal roles in history as the young United States developed. There are three distinct geographical regions creating a diversity of terrain, flora and fauna, and waterways. The Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwest portion of the state are part of one of the oldest mountain chains in the world. Sassafras Mountain, the highest peak in the State, and other tall mountains treat visitors to magnificent long-range views. The piedmont’s rolling hills are where most South Carolinians live. There the landscape is rich in open spaces, lazy rivers, and expansive lakes. The coastal plain and low country are home to several of the oldest cities and towns in the country. Charleston, Beaufort, and Georgetown have historic buildings dating back to America’s infancy. 

Beautiful beaches and barrier islands attract millions of tourists every year on the east side of the state. The sandhills and piedmont continue to grow, while the foothills and mountains are becoming one of the most culturally diverse regions in the state. It is no wonder South Carolina has nearly doubled its population in the last forty years. As Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, and surrounding areas continue to welcome new business and residents to historic South Carolina, builders and contractors need to know from where they can rent cranes. For crane rental in beautiful South Carolina, Parker Crane is your answer.

South Carolina Crane Rental | Parker's Crane Service

It seems like everywhere you go in south Charlotte, Columbia, and Greenville, you see cranes. They are a sign that our area continues to grow rapidly. With numerous outdoor activities, a wealth of history, and a strong economy, it is no wonder why we need so many new buildings. Cranes are not just for new construction, however. At Parker Crane, we have the solution for you. Whether you need a mobile crane or help erecting your tower crane, we are your trusted crane rental partners in South Carolina. 

We know when builders are searching for cranes, it means they have a big job to do. You cannot afford to be delayed by poor quality crane and rigging services. Parker Crane has been a family-owned and operated company since our founding in the 1960s. We have had a role in South Carolina’s rich history, and we know how important safety is to your project. Parker Crane is committed to providing safe, quality crane services. We are here to help you complete your building project as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. If you are searching for crane rentals in South Carolina, contact the team at Parker Crane