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When you were a child, were you fascinated by construction equipment and heavy machinery? Were you impressed when you saw a giant crane towering above some of the tallest buildings? Did you find yourself memorized as the jib rotated around the mast with multi-ton steel beams hanging from what appeared to be a tiny hook, at least from the ground? It could be that even as an adult, you find these giants just as impressive as you did when you were a child. For contractors and builders who employ the services of cranes and crane operators, you know how vital it is to use quality equipment and experienced experts. The Parker's Crane family could not agree more. We work with you to provide the safest crane services in the Carolinas. Here is what you can expect from Parker's Crane:

Parker's Crane | Crane Service Company Serving the Carolinas

North Carolina and South Carolina continue to grow rapidly. The Old North State has made its way into the top ten most populated states. As the region continues to welcome new businesses and residents by the tens of thousands every year, builders will continue to be called on to construct high-rises, schools, office buildings, apartments, and much more. Contractors expect a lot from their trusted crane service company: 

  • Versatility: Parker's Crane has a variety of cranes and products to suit your needs. We have several mobile cranes at our disposal, depending on what your project demands. 
  • Safety: Our cranes are OSHA and MSHA Compliant. We have highly trained CCO operators, riggers, and signal persons. You can count on our raising and dismantling crews to be careful and thorough. We also provide 24-hour emergency services.
  • Quality: Parker's cranes equipment is second-to-none in quality. 
  • Affordability: We provide free on-site quotes and evaluations to ensure you get the best rate possible. 

If you have a construction project that requires moving heavy materials or oversized equipment, you need a crane service company you can trust. Parker's Crane has been supplying cranes to cities and regions throughout the Carolinas since the 1970s. We have experienced a wide range of challenges from all types of weather, diverse terrain, and urban expansion. Since our foundation, the populations of both Carolinas have doubled, our economy has strengthened, and builders have rented countless cranes from our family business. We would love to be your crane service company for your next project. Contact the team at Parker's Crane for more information.