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max capacityThere is always something new being built here in the Charlotte area. Uptown is not the only part of the city privy to getting new skyscrapers. From South Charlotte to NoDa, residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings seem to practically grow from out of the ground. However, each one requires a team of skilled people to build it. Each new shopping center, road, and tower is constructed in painstaking detail by crews of experienced experts. From Charlotte to Davidson, Matthews, Fort Mill, Mooresville, China Grove, Gastonia, and Statesville, people are moving to the area rapidly. The region grows by tens of thousands of people every year. There are many amazing factors that attract people here, including:

  • Great companies that hire thousands of new employees every year. 
  • Vibrant small business communities that provide entertainment and excellent dining.
  • Access to outdoor activities at places like Lake Norman State Park and the Whitewater Center. 
  • Professional sports such as the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and Charlotte Motor Speedway. 
  • The charming towns scattered throughout Mecklenburg, Iredell, and Lincoln counties. 
  • Proximity to the beautiful, scenic foothills and mountains. 

One thing that every new business and resident needs are electricity. The expert electrical contractors that help supply us with what we need to keep lights on, cook amazing food, and provide power to lifesaving hospital equipment need the highest quality crane rental equipment. Here is what electrical contractors need to know about hiring quality crane rentals for their projects.

Hiring a Crane for Electrical Contractors in Charlotte, NC

Electricity is vital for businesses, residents, and families throughout our area. People rely on power to keep their vital appliances running. From stoves and refrigerators to oxygen machines and ventilators, everything requires electricity. The work of electrical contractors is vital for our safety and well-being. Types of electrical contracting projects that require cranes:

  • Inspecting power lines and electrical equipment in towns and cities. 
  • Installing new power lines and transformers. 
  • Installing new high tension lines and transformer towers. 
  • Streetlight installation and maintenance. 
  • Repairing power lines have wind and storm damage. 

Whatever your electrical contracting project, if you need a crane, we are here to help. You can trust your rental to the team at Parker’s Crane Service.

  • We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure an excellent crane rental experience.
  • We have an impeccable safety record with a zero-tolerance policy regarding accidents.
  • We have high-end cranes that are meticulously maintained to ensure they will provide the most efficient service during your electrical contracting project.  
  • We have experienced, licensed crane operators to help ensure the safety and efficiency you need on your job site. 

Parker’s Crane Service has been a leader in crane rentals for electrical contractors throughout North and South Carolina. We are here to make sure you can do your vital job for our communities. For more information about renting a crane for electrical contractor jobs, contact us today

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