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landscaping jobsThere are few places in the world as beautiful as North and South Carolina. Both states feature some of the most diverse types of terrain and landscapes. Millions of people visit and travel in the Carolinas to explore the natural wonder that we all love and enjoy. 

  • In western North Carolina and the Upstate of South Carolina, the Blue Ridge and the Great Smoky Mountains have the highest peaks east of the Mississippi River. 
  • The mountains are shaped by the plenteous amount of water criss crossing them. Because of this, we have the highest concentration of waterfalls on the East Coast. 
  • The foothills provide a hilly middle ground from which you can see the mountains and valleys. 
  • The piedmont is characterized by vast forests, small towns, and large world-class modern cities. 
  • The coastal plain is home to vital agriculture on which our states’ economies are founded. 
  • People travel from as far as the Northeast and Midwest to experience our amazing beaches. 

Living in such a beautiful area makes residents and businesses want to build landscapes to match the aesthetics of our region. Sometimes, putting that landscaping in place requires lifting heavy materials. If you need a mobile crane for lifting and setting landscaping, Parker’s Crane Service has you covered. 

Mobile Cranes Available for Lifting and Setting Landscaping in the Carolinas

If you need a mobile crane for landscaping, you can choose from our impressive list:

Grove GMK5150L: Our newest crane, the Grove GMK5150L, brings outstanding lifting capacities and greater job site accessibility for our clients. With its impressive lifting capacity and job site maneuverability, know that when this crane rolls on your job site, we are there to do business.

  • Grove GMK5150L Max Capacity: 175USt 
  • Grove GMK5150L Total Gross Vehicle Weight: 132,280 lbs
  • Grove GMK5150L Main Boom Length: 197ft
  • Grove GMK5150L Max Tip Height: 318.2ft

Grove TMS700E: This mobile crane is impressive and can get the job done at your landscaping site. 

  • Grove TMS700E: 50USt - 60USt
  • Grove TMS700E Total Gross Vehicle Weight: 80,320 lbs
  • Grove TMS700E Main Boom Length: 36ft - 110ft
  • Grove TMS700E Max Tip Height: 212ft

Grove TMS9000E: With a higher overall lifting capacity than the 700E, the TMS9000E can ensure you have everything you need to install landscaping.

  • Grove TMS9000E Max Capacity: 56ft - 110USt
  • Grove TMS9000E Total Gross Vehicle Weight: 86,561 lbs
  • Grove TMS9000E Main Boom Length: 56ft 
  • Grove TMS9000E Max Tip Height: 142ft 

Grove TMS 9000-2: Our TMS9000-2 is the premier truck-mounted crane of the Parker Crane fleet. With this crane on your job site, you know you have maximum capability and mobility.

  • Grove TMS9000-2 Max Capacity: 115USt
  • Grove TMS9000-2 Total Gross Vehicle Weight: 97,000 lbs
  • Grove TMS9000-2 Main Boom Length: 36ft - 169ft
  • Grove TMS9000-2 Max Tip Height: 263.4ft

Parker’s Crane Service Mobile Crane Rentals

It is not just about the crane itself but our decades of experience and impeccable safety record that makes Parker’s Crane Service the right choice for your landscaping lifting and setting project. 

If you need to move heavy landscaping material, contact the team at Parker’s Crane Service for more information