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North Carolina Crane RentalWhile North Carolina may be known for its history and geography, the state has become a leader in technological advancement. We welcome residents from all over the world for tech-related careers. That is one of many reasons the state has nearly doubled in population since 1980.

Keeping up with commercial and residential services is no small feat. Technology, public, and civil infrastructure need to outpace the telecom demands placed upon them.

Crane Rentals in North Carolina

Driving around the highways and streets of North Carolina may make you believe that cranes are the official bird. They are certainly rising high in the skyline of every city. If you are one of the people responsible for constructing new housing, office buildings, industrial parks, apartments, neighborhoods, roads, or telecommunication infrastructure, you have probably had your hands full in the last few years. 

If you require a mobile crane, you want to rent from a company you can trust. Ensuring your project stays on time, under budget, and safe is an expansive undertaking, whether for construction, civil infrastructure, or other general jobs. General contractors must know what federal and state standards apply to crane operations. 

What You Should Expect from Your Mobile Crane Rental Company

Before you rent your mobile crane, here is what you should expect from a rental company:

  • Expertise: You should expect your crane rental company to know everything there is to know about the machines.
  • Safety: You should expect your crane rental company to be committed to safety and provide you with the safest crane operators.
  • Experience: You should expect your crane rental company to have extensive experience and a flawless track record. 
  • Customer Service: Your crane rental company should provide the highest level of customer service. 

You want to ensure you have all the support you need from your mobile crane rental company. Parker’s Crane Service has been around for a long time. We are fortunate to have established an excellent reputation in our community.

Parker’s Crane Service

With over 40 years in the industry, we are the first choice for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Our crane fleet has height capabilities up to nearly 320ft. These mobile hydraulic cranes can tackle projects of any size, regardless of location. If your project requires the use of a tower crane, we have experience transporting and assembling those on-site.

Our family-owned and operated business is focused on providing quality crane rental, heavy hauling services, and custom rigging throughout the Carolinas. We have a Zero Accident Philosophy worked right into the core of our business that can give you the peace of mind that lifts will be completed error-free. 

We will work with you on the project from pre-planning on-site assessments through the project's conclusion. We provide the following benefits and services to our customers.

  • Site hazard analysis and daily risk assessments
  • A well-maintained fleet with transportation to the site
  • All of our operators, riggers, and signal persons are OSHA-qualified personnel
  • 24/7 Emergency service

Whether you only need us for a few hours or a month, contact us today to discuss your project; we provide free on-site quotes.