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reasons to hire full service crane coIs it just us, or does it seem like our area is always under construction? The Charlotte area and the rest of the Carolinas really are always under construction. 

We have been one of the fastest-growing regions for decades, and that has only picked up more steam since the pandemic. 

With so many people moving here, contractors must take on a number of significant projects, such as:

  • Apartments and condominiums 
  • Commercial buildings and skyscrapers
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Elementary, middle, high schools, and university buildings
  • Interstates and highways
  • Parks and common spaces
  • Grocery stores and shopping centers

For larger construction projects that require moving heavy equipment or materials, you are likely going to need a crane. Even with a crane, some materials require an extra level of precision and care when lifting and moving across job sites. 

Precast concrete walls put in place with tilt-up construction techniques necessitate working with the utmost precision and care. However, with the right crane company and operators on your team, this process can be effective and safe. 

Here is what you need to know about tilt-up construction for precast concrete walls.

Tilt-Up Construction for Precast Concrete Walls


"Tilt-up, in its most basic form, is a two-step process. First, slabs of concrete, which most often comprise load-bearing sections of a building envelope or elevation, are cast horizontally on a concrete slab-on-ground. The slabs, referred to as panels, are then lifted (tilted) with a crane after the concrete has reached sufficient strength."

This technique is often employed around Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas. This process is challenging and has at times led to accidents. In 2003, an accident in Greensboro led to five companies being fined extensively. 

Here are a few tips for ensuring a safe tilt-up construction project:

  • Your crane operators need to have the correct rigging for panel rotation. 
  • Your crane operators need to make sure they bring the correct clutches to the job site, per manufacturer guidelines. 
  • Your crane operators need to know everything they can about the development of the materials, dimensions, mass, etc. The last thing you want is to begin lifting and moving a precast wall without all the information. 
  • Your crane operator needs to make sure they have the right crane and crane boom for rotating the panels. 
  • Your crane operator needs to avoid even temporarily leaning the panel against another structure. 

The key to making sure your crane operator has the expertise and information to perform the project is to rent from the right crane rental company. 

Choosing the Right Crane Company for your Tilt-up Project

You need the right crane rental company to perform your tilt-up concrete project. Tips for choosing the right crane company include:

  • Experience: You want a crane rental company with plenty of experience. 
  • Expertise: You want a crane rental company with expertise in lifting, moving, and placing precast concrete walls. 
  • Safety: You want a crane rental company with an impeccable safety record. 
  • Equipment: You want a crane rental company that has excellent, well-maintained equipment. 

Parker's Crane Service has the experience and expertise you need in a crane rental company, especially if you are trusting them for a project as precise as what is needed for putting precast concrete walls in place. 

We have been providing quality cranes for projects in and around the Carolinas for well over thirty years. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to safety, so you can count on us to maintain a safe environment. 

Our equipment is second-to-none in performance and meticulously maintained. If you want a quality crane rental experience for precast concrete walls, call the team at Parker's Crane Service