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How to Have a Successful Crane Rigging Project

How to Have a Successful Crane Rigging Project

There are plenty of projects for general contractors in the Carolinas. It seems like the Charlotte-Metro area is always under construction. To have a successful project, many factors need to go well. It is like a choreographed dance of plumbers, electricians, framers, and builders all working together to make something beautiful. When it comes to contracting that requires lifting heavy materials and equipment, you will likely need to use crane rigging. Parker Crane Service is here to help.

Six Tips for Ensuring a Successful Crane Rigging Project 

1) Learn About the Area in Which Your Project Is Taking Place

There is a lot of diversity in the geography of our area. Within an hour or two of Charlotte, we have thick red clay, sandhills, bedrock, narrow valleys, narrow mountain ridges, and gently rolling hills. Your job site may take place on narrow streets amongst heavy traffic congestion, or in quiet rural settings. Temperatures and weather conditions can change dramatically from one part of the area to the other. The terrain, elevation, anticipated weather, and surrounding neighborhood can affect what you need in a crane and crane rigging. Learning everything you can about the location of your project will help ensure you can rent the right crane rigging.

2) Know the Nature of Your Project

The nature of your project will determine what kind of crane rigging equipment you will need. The size and types of hooks, hitches, slings, hardware and other equipment will be determined by where and what you are lifting. Commercial and residential projects may be significantly different from the crane rigging used for road construction. Being able to effectively communicate the details about your project will help ensure you have the right rigging to make it a success.

3) Know What Kind of Materials You Will Be Lifting

In addition to the nature project, you need to know what materials you will be lifting. Glass, concrete road culverts, steel beams, and other heavy objects all have different characteristics. Some will be difficult to handle if they catch the slightest breeze, while others will behave awkwardly when lifted. The materials may be large or small, wide or narrow. Your crane rental company needs to know everything you can tell them about the loads they will be lifting. 

4) Figure Out the Load Calculations for the Materials

Not only does your crane rental company need to know the types of materials they are lifting, but they need to know the weight of those items as well. There are several ways to find the load calculation for your materials:

  • Check to see if the load calculation is on the object itself
  • Check receipts and shipping labels
  • Search the internet or operation manual 
  • Calculate the load by hand

To calculate a load by hand, you first need to find the volume of the object. For squares and rectangles, the formula is “Volume = Length x Width x Height.” For cylinders, the formula is “Volume = 3.14 x Length x Width x Height.” Then you will need to determine the weight of the material your load will hold. Lastly, you can determine the weight of an object by multiplying the approximate weight by the volume you previously calculated.

5) Commit to Safety as the Priority

Safety should be a priority during your crane rigging project. There is an inherent danger in lifting and moving heavy objects. Minor mistakes can result in major catastrophes. You should adopt a zero-tolerance policy for your crane rigging project. All operators should be licensed and experienced. Your job site is not a place to take risks when it comes to moving heavy and potentially dangerous materials. 

6) Trust the Process to Professionals

Crane rigging can be incredibly complicated, especially if you do not have extensive experience and expertise. For contractors, builders, property owners, and municipalities, one of the best ways you can ensure a successful crane rigging project is by trusting it to the professionals. A professional crane rental and operating company will bring the knowledge and know-how to make sure your project goes well from start to finish. 

Parker’s Crane Service is your trusted crane rental service in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. We have been in the industry for five decades. There is hardly a project we haven’t seen. You can trust our team for the expert crane rigging. We have helped many property owners and contractors make their vision become a reality with high-quality crane rentals. If you want to know more about how professional crane services can help elevate your project, contact the experienced team at Parker’s Crane Service