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Public Construction Jobs Are a Public Trust

Public Construction Jobs Are a Public Trust

For residents of the Charlotte area, ongoing construction is a way of life. People see building projects and do not even think twice. The exception might be if something is being built in their area and they are curious about whether or not it is an interesting new business. Otherwise, with the amount of new growth in our area, construction sites probably seem like they grow on trees. At least, that is the case until something goes wrong. 

There is an inherent danger in every project, but the public usually doesn’t notice until there is an accident. 

When it comes to municipal construction projects, they are a public trust. Just as in private projects, safety, financial responsibility, and efficiency are all vital. 

If you are responsible for a public construction project, you owe it to taxpayers and residents to move forward with the utmost integrity. 


Public Construction Should Use Quality Vendors

With municipal projects, local leaders owe it to the people in their communities to use quality vendors. Whether they are building parks, roads, or buildings, taxpayers will expect:

  • General contractors with experience and expertise
  • The use of high-quality materials
  • Assurance that the project will be done the first time correctly
  • The job to be done thoroughly without corners being cut

As municipal leaders take bids and estimates, the most important factors should be the quality of the companies and the confidence they will complete the project with excellence. 

Public Construction Should Make Safety a Priority 

Safety is just as important as quality when it comes to municipal construction projects. Safety concerns include:

  • Vendors adhering to municipal, state, and federal safety expectations and regulations
  • Contractors and professionals having licenses and excellent safety records
  • Projects should be accurately marked and protected to avoid accidents with residents and curious onlookers
  • The completed construction should be safe for however it will be used

People have a reasonable expectation of safety when it comes to their public construction projects. 

Public Construction Should Honor Their Communities

Public construction projects should add value to the town, county, and community. It should be a reflection of the heart of the people, and something of which residents can be proud. When appropriate, it is helpful to get public input about parks and buildings to ensure people will appreciate how their tax dollars are being spent. 

These Principles Should Apply to Your Crane Rental Company

If you are moving the kind of heavy materials and equipment that require a crane rental, all of these principles should apply. Parker’s Crane Service is proudly based in Concord, North Carolina. We have helped many municipalities throughout the Carolinas and take our role in each project very seriously. 

  • Quality: We take pride in each and every project of which we’ve been a part. Parker's Crane has well-maintained, carefully selected equipment that does an outstanding job. We have a fleet of equipment and a friendly, knowledgeable crew. We make sure each town or county has the right tool for the job. We can provide skilled, licensed crane operators as well. 
  • Safety: We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to safety. We execute several degrees of pre-planning from the start of your project to its completion. This includes the following:
    • Job evaluations prior to the lift
    • Risk assessment on a daily basis
    • On-the-spot danger assessments
    • Management audits are conducted on a regular basis.
    • Our good EMR and TRIR ratings demonstrate our great safety procedures.
    • We have a number of key certifications that prove our safety record
  • Community: We're a family-owned and operated company that specializes in crane leasing, custom rigging, and heavy haulage. We provide crane services all around the Carolinas and the east coast. We have been fortunate to perform crane operations in small towns and big cities throughout the region, meeting a lot of amazing people along the way. We understand how important it is for municipal projects to reflect the strength of their residents. 

Parker's Crane Service has had the highest commitment to quality since its inception in the 1970s. We love being part of the Carolinas and are involved in Concord and the surrounding community. We get how vital it is for municipal projects to be done well the first time. 

Towns, cities, and counties are on a tight timeline. At the same time, contractors and vendors cannot sacrifice quality or safety for speed. You need a municipal crane rental company that can maximize safety and efficiency

If you need a crane rental for a municipal construction project, we would love to work with you. Contact the team at Parker's Crane