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How to Rent a Crane for a School Roofing Project

How to Rent a Crane for a School Roofing Project

It has been a long 18-24 months for school officials throughout the country. 

Administrators had to navigate the challenging, uncharted waters of maintaining quality education during a global pandemic that forced people to stay at home for over a year. They had extraordinarily difficult decisions to make about how to facilitate learning remotely, when to bring teachers and students back to campus, how to celebrate graduations, and what measures to take to prepare for something similar in the future. 

This was all on top of the typical challenges they face balancing parents and student expectations, Budget constraints, test scores, and everything else that makes teachers and school administrators unsung heroes. 

As life slowly returns to a version of normal, students and teachers are mostly back on campus. Administrators are now performing more standard versions of their jobs, such as scheduling everyday maintenance tasks. 

If one of those maintenance tasks happens to involve replacing a roof, you will likely need to rent a crane. There are a lot that factors into crane rentals for any project, especially when it involves a learning institution. 


In this article, we are helping administrators and superintendents learn what they need to know about crane rentals for school roofing projects.

What You Need to Know About Crane Rentals for School Roofing Projects

1) Choose an Experienced Crane Rental Company

Experience makes a difference when it comes to school roofing projects. You do not put anyone in that position if they have not been there before. The same principle applies to your crane rental company. 

You do not want someone inexperienced in lifting and moving heavy equipment and materials, operating a crane on the campus of your school. The community will expect your crane operators to have plenty of experience signing onto your institution's roofing project. 

2) Expertise Is As Important as Experience

A crane rental company may have been in business for a long time, but those are not the only credentials your community will be looking for in them. Taxpayers, municipalities, and parents expect each person doing any kind of work on campus to have the highest levels of expertise. 

It will be important for the company to back up their expertise. 

Some of our certifications include:

  • NCCCO Certified Operators
  • Certified/Qualified Riggers and Signal Persons
  • OSHA and MSHA Qualified Personnel
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • DOA HUB Certified
  • NC SBE Certified
  • SC&RA Member

All of these certifications and qualifications back up our experience and expertise. Your municipality will appreciate knowing that the crane rental company with which you are working has the paperwork to support you and prove they know what they are doing. 

3) Prepare to Answer Some Questions

Your expert team of experienced crane personnel will still need some information from you. Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • How much room is there to operate a crane on campus?
  • What kind of terrain will the crane be operating on?
  • What types of materials will you anticipate lifting with the crane?
  • What is the load calculation for the materials and equipment being lifted and moved?
  • What is the anticipated timeframe for the project? 
  • Who will be considered the project manager?
  • What rules and regulations are there for your school, town, county, or municipality?

If you are unsure about some of the answers to these questions, make sure you clearly communicate that with the company. 

A full-service crane rental company will be able to help you with planning for your school roofing project. 

4) Safety Is of the Utmost Importance 

Regardless of the type of job site, safety is of the utmost importance. On a school campus, there is absolutely no room for safety-related errors. The team at Parker's Crane is focused on completing your job as safely and effectively as possible. 

We've ingrained a Zero Accident Philosophy in our company and take many efforts to ensure that it is implemented in every project we complete. 

We undertake several degrees of pre-planning from the start of your project to its end. This includes the following:

  • Job evaluations prior to the lift
  • Risk assessment on a daily basis
  • On-the-spot danger assessments
  • Management audits are conducted on a regular basis.

Our excellent EMR and TRIR scores demonstrate our great safety procedures.

When it comes to renting a crane for your school roofing project, there is no substitute for a company with experience and expertise. Your faculty, students, and community deserve to know that you have the best crane rental company on your team. 

Parker's Crane Service has decades of experience moving heavy equipment and materials on a variety of job sites, including school roofing repairs. We would love to answer your questions about our crane rental services. 

Contact us today for more information about how our team can bring the level of professionalism, experience, and safety to your school roofing project in the Carolinas.